Thursday, December 6, 2007

not coping

partied with mikayla last night, shit party but it was good to hang with nik. nina has offically dogged me, its unforgivable and everyone else now thinks she is a tool becasue she makes them all feel like loser because shes 18 and they arent. went to big day out, time of my fucking life, met so many great people and shit. also had people over for australia day, i got so fucked it was the best ever. whats the go with your visa and shit? i think im getting fired becasue i rang in sick the morning after australia day and told my boss i was in hospital with damien becasue i was still pingin about the insane cock brothas and couldnt go to work and then mark went down to work and darren was like of hows christinatina? fuckkkkkkk! i have also stooped to a new level, i am selling my jewlwery at cash converters for drugs. oh and i fucked elih (damiens friend) again.


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